Representatives of the Coventry present the donation placard to trustees of the Friends of St Cross and the General Manager of the hospital.

You can support The Friends with an instant access savings account with more than your interests at heart.

The Friends have been working with the Coventry Building Society to help raise funds for our work at the Hospital of St. Cross and we're delighted to offer you an exclusive savings account - the Supporters Account (St Cross).

By opening a Supporters Account (St Cross) you’ll receive interest on your savings and the Coventry Building Society will also make a donation to the Friends of St. Cross. Each year the Society will donate (without attributing an amount to a specific account holder) a sum based on the balances invested in all accounts which support the Friends of the Hospital of St Cross. The sum is calculated by adding together the balances held on the last day of the month and dividing that total by 12. This calculation is repeated for each of the 12 months of the year and the totals are then added together and multiplied by 1% to produce the donation figure for the year. For the purposes of the calculation, the year starts on 1 October and finishes on 30 September.

You receive interest on your savings with the Coventry, and at the same time you’re helping to support a very worthy local charity. So while your money earns interest for you, it's also earning a donation for the Friends.

In December 2018 the Coventry presented a cheque for £25,583 taking the grand total to date to an amazing £241,876!.

If you like the idea of helping us to help you, then Supporters Account (St Cross) could be the perfect savings account - find out more here.

To apply to open this account call into the Rugby Branch of the Coventry or simply click on this link  find ‘Friends of the Hospital of St Cross’ in the list and request an application pack.

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