The Charity welcomes requests for equipment from any of the services based in Rugby at the Hospital of St Cross or the Community Services based at the Orchard Centre.

Requests for equipment for services located outside Rugby will not be considered, nor does the Charity's constitution cover the provision of equipment for GP surgeries or optometrists.

We encourage requests for items that

  • Improve patient and staff comfort or safety
  • Enable treatments that are currently only available outside the Borough to be delivered in Rugby so that Rugby Residents do not have to travel
  • Promote an increase in the number of patients that can be treated at St Cross
  • Reduce waiting times for patients at St Cross
  • Enhance the patient experience or service in any other way not mentioned above

A list of items we have donated in recent years can be found on this page of the website.

The scale and timing of these requests vary and so it is our preference that donations are held as unrestricted funds. However, in 2016 we adopted a policy that both respects donors’ desire to make donations for a specific purpose or department and that funds should not lie unused for a pro-longed period.

The policy is that any donations received for a specific purpose in one year must be spent, or committed to an approved request, by the 31st December of the following year or will be re-allocated to the general funds available to meet requests for equipment or support for projects.