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The Gift List for 2019 is set out in this table - click on the links to find out more

Gift list for 2019
Ward/department Item Cost £
Gynaecology Hysteroscopy treatment equipment (10 sets) £52,000.00
Opthalmology Camera equipment for cataract service £15,131.20
All wards Wheelchairs (shared with UHCW charity) £10,000.00
Orthopaedic surgery Carpal tunnel treatment equipment £9,452.34
Outpatients - X ray Patient emergency trolleys & mattresses (2) £6,467.00
All in-patient wards Toilet alarms £5,387.74
Outpatients Plaster saw £5,163.60
Cardiology Cardiac rehabilitation equipment £5,054.00
Cardiology Cardiac rehabilitation patient passports £4,680.00
Diabetes department Television & related equipment £1,550.00
Oak, Mulberry, Cedar wards Bedside blood sampler £1,174.21
Oak Ward Pressure relieving wedges £1,044.00
All wards Rugby Hospital Radio (annual donation) £1,000.00
Cedar ward Orthopaedic cushions £839.40
Dermatology Status analyser £615.99
Ash Dialysis Unit 2 televisions & stands £553.98
Ash Dialysis Unit 2 wooden armchairs £332.00
Ash Dialysis Unit Bingo prizes £200.00
Multi faith prayer room Re-decorating £164.02
Ash Dialysis Unit Christmas party £153.50
Day surgery help desk Stacking armchairs £134.52
Mulberry ward Hairdryers £23.98
  Total £121,121.48