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The Gift List for 2018 is set out in this table - click on the links to find out more

Item Ward/department Cost £
Hysteroscopy & related equipment Gynaecology £82,288.66
Fit out and equip new unit Sleep Studies Unit £80,132.21
Completion of project started in 1007 Paediatric Outpatients Unit £18,611.50
  Other gifts  
Bariatric treatment equipment Bariatric Treatment Service £12,953.91
Non-invasive treatment equipment Hip Preservation Service £11,518.65
Fall mats All wards £5,319.60
Furniture Urgent Care Centre £4,889.88
Free-standing fans All wards £3,499.90
Staff lockers All wards £3,301.20
Staff costs - Rugby Art Gallery All wards - Good Times Project £1,200.00
High capacity chair Nutrition and Diabetes Service £1,032.00
Annual donation Rugby Hospital Radio £1,000.00
Dermatoscope Dermatology £841.20
Microstimulator Stroke Physiotherapy £570.00
Christmas trees and decorations, etc All wards £509.76
Trolley & trays Dermatology £505.26
Freezer Macular Unit £424.77
Bingo prizes Ash ward £285.02
Fridge Hoskyn ward £279.00
Art & craft materials All wards £247.19
High back chairs for help desk Day Surgery £194.40
2 stools for tea bar staff Tea bar £159.98
Stacking armchairs for waiting area Day Surgery £156.80
Decorating rooms Octapus Centre £136.41
DVD player Mulberry ward £119.98
Hair care equipment Hoskyn ward £54.98
Float for teas Mulberry and Oak wards £50.00
  Total £230,282.26