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Gift List for 2014 - click on the links to find out more!


Ward /Department

Item(s) Purchased


All wards

2 handled mugs


6 pressure mattresses

Bariatric Bed

Fall Sensors - Bed monitors

2x Adjustable Bed tables

Patient Arm Chairs with LMH leg lengths

Bluebell (Dementia) Lounge

Signs and Plaque


Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Table and Chairs

Cardiac rehab

2 xJet Sports Mini Trampolines


Patterson’s Elliptical Trainers

Cedar Ward & Rehab Ward

2 Walking Aids


Day Surgery




Air Conditioning Unit


Hoskyn Ward

Etac Patient turners


Hospital Radio Service

Annual Grant


Midwifery Service

Viamed Foetal Heart Simulator


Operating Theatres

Cobbs Elevators


Arthroscopy Instruments

Iliac Hip Support


Notice Board



3 Patient Couches


Respiratory/Sleep Dept

Sleep Apnoea diagnostic unit


Sunflower (Bereavement) Room

3 Piece Suite



Decorative items

Pictures & frames

Urgent Care Centre

Leg rests ( James Spencer )


4 Patient Tub Chairs

Patient Chairs with high seats




Additional funds reserved for the Phlebotomy relocation project



Total spent in 1004 and committed for 1005