The Friends of St Cross have over 200 volunteers who are the unsung heroes of the charity and whose personal contact with patients is one of the things that makes a real difference to the patient experience at the Hospital of St Cross.

All new volunteers must complete an application form and give permission for a DBS Check which is required for both volunteers working in the hospital or as a trustee. Once this process is completed volunteers will receive an induction and training for the role they have agreed to undertake. 

There are many ways in which volunteers can help with the running of the charity.

We have a number of teams and committees which are described in this section of our site - if you would like more information about these please contact the Secretary or Chairperson who can tell you more or put you in contact you with the relevant member of the charity.


The Trustee Board usually meets in the Boardroom at St Cross on the second Monday of the month between 2 p.m. and 4.30pm. 

All Trustee Board members are Trustees of the charity and are requested to take on a specific role. 

The Trustee Board sets our policies and considers all requests for equipment made by staff at St. Cross and the local Community and Mental Health Teams along with other matters on an ongoing basis.

Click this link to see who the current members of the Board are.

If you are interested in joining the Trustee Board or one of our sub-committees please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 01788 663754 to arrange a chat.


We have a small team that organises various social events throughout the year.

As you can tell from the photo they like to have fun!

They would love to hear from anyone who can offer their time to become involved.

In 2015 the programme included

  •        A visit to Rugby Theatre to see Hairspray
  •        Diamond Jubilee Black Tie Dinner and Dance
  •        Christmas Concert featuring the Warwick Diatonic Choir

The programme for 2015 is designed to attract a wide range of supporters - from flower arranging to a dinner dance and a day trip to the Black Country Museum!

Details will be published on the Fundraising Events page when they are available.

We would love to hear about other events that supporters have organised themselves or suggestions for us to organise!



A team of senior members of the Trustee Board meet at least twice a year to review the various documents which set out the Constitution, Governance documents and Policies which set out how the Charity functions. They review changes in legislation, regulation and recommended practice to sure that the Charity remains in step with these.

The Constitution can only be changed with the Approval of either the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Policies may be recommended or updated by appropriate Sub-Committees and are approved by the Trustee Board.

The Governance Review Team, together with the other Trustees, maintain oversight of operations so that the Board is assured that members of the Charity adhere to the provisions of the Governance arrangements.



This group reviews the Communications Strategy and Policies and has delegated authority for a small marketing / advertising budget which is used to maintain the profile of the Charity in the community. Any Member with relevant skills and experience is welcome to contribute to the work of this Sub-Committee which is chaired by a Trustee. If you are interested please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A member of the Trustee Board organises both the house-to-house collections and fund raising collections within the local community and at local venues throughout the town. 

Volunteers once recruited are allocated an area to cover within the town or local villages and are called on from time to time to take part in collections in various stores around the town.









There are a great number of fundraising activities during the year.  The Fundraising Co-ordination Committee plans a calendar of fundraising activities during the year and supports both the Fundraising Team and Collectors mentioned above as well as other events such as the Rotary Spring Fair and Rugby Festival of Culture. Details are published on the Forthcoming Events page as they are confirmed.

We are always happy to support the more energetic who are prepared to undertake sponsored activities like running for the Friends in 10km, half marathons and marathons or even abseil down buildings or sky diving - details of these opportunities are on the Sponsorship Opportunities page.  

If you would like to volunteer to assist at one of our events or would like some support for an event you are planning then please get in touch by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To aid the work of the Trustee Board there is often a need to form a Sub Committee of Board members and other volunteers to discuss and organise specific events. 

Meetings are arranged as necessary, notes taken and a report given to the Trustee Board at the next available meeting.


We like to take photos of fund raising events and any equipment we purchase or projects we undertake.

These are distributed to the local media, the In Touch magazine that is sent to all staff working at the University Coventry & Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust and our twice-yearly newsletter, which is sent to all volunteers and displayed on this and other web sites and our Facebook page.

Most of the photos on the website have been taken by members of Dunchurch Photographic Society other volunteer photographers are welcome to join the team.







The Friends provide a variety of voluntary services at the Hospital. Ellis, Warwickshire Community Action and Voluntary Action World Cup Rugby Mascot, met some of our volunteers to find out what they do!

Help Desk

Patients and visitors come to the hospital from all over Coventry and Warwickshire, as well as Rugby, and often need help to find their way to the ward or department where they have an appointment to attend or friends and relatives they would like to visit.

Volunteers are based at Out Patients and the entrance to the Day Surgery Unit and escort people to the place they are looking for. A friendly face helps ease tensions for many who are anxious when they arrive and may be disoriented by the layout of the site! 


  Tea Bar

Patients waiting for their appointments in Out Patients can enjoy  a cuppa and a snack at the Friends Tea Bar

The Tea Bar is open Monday – Friday between 09.30 – 12.00 and 13.30 – 16.00 and offers reasonably priced tea, coffee and snacks. 

The modest profits from the Tea Bar more than cover the Charity’s administration expenses so that all monies donated are spent entirely on providing equipment and supporting projects which make a real difference to the patient experience. 


  Patient Impressions

A group of volunteers meet patients and ask them for their impressions of the service they received at St Cross. 

Volunteers enjoy meeting patients in wards, who are due for discharge, or others attending Out Patients and engaging in conversations with people who are often only too happy to have a chat as a distraction from the anxiety they may have in attending hospital. They recognise volunteers as independent from the management and give frank feedback – which is almost always positive and constructive – which reflects the great feedback that the patients have been giving recently through NHS Choices.  


Holding Hands in Theatre

When a patient is having a cataract operation under local anaesthetic it is essential that they do not move as this could have a severe impact on a very delicate procedure.

So if the patient feels the need to sneeze, cough or say something he or she can squeeze the hand of a volunteer who will tell the team to stop the procedure safely. Many of the volunteers who provide this service have also had cataract operations and so can give some personal assurance to the patient throughout their visit to the hospital. 


 Patient Feeding

Some patients benefit from assistance with eating their food or just need a little bit of encouragement! Not all patients have relatives or friends that are available to give this support and so a team of volunteers help on several of the wards at St Cross.


Friends volunteers also deliver several other services around the hospital.

Patient Befriending

Some patients are elderly and do not have relatives or friends able to visit them so this service is designed to give those patients an all important visit to brighten their day.

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

The Speech and Language Therapy department utilises the skills of volunteers to assist patients improve their speech which can be a priority following a stroke.

Companion for the dying

This is service which is offered during the last hours of a patient's life in the event that no relative or friend is able to attend the bedside as a patient passes away.


We maintain an area known as The Derrick Masters Memorial Garden, which is named after a former President of the Friends, and the planting at the entrance to the Friends Blood Taking Unit. 

We also tidy areas not covered by the Trust's grass cutting and general maintenance contracts!

 Training is provided for all of the services other than gardening


Friends co-ordinators manage the rotas for the Help Desk and Tea Bar and hospital staff liaise directly with the assigned volunteers for the other services.









Stories about volunteers