Nurse Claudio Fazi with the new bed
Nurse Claudio Fazi with the new bed

The Friends of St Cross have donated a special hospital bed which can be adjusted to suit the needs of taller and heavier patients.

At a cost of just over £10,000 this is the biggest single donation made this year to improve patient comfort in the hospital. The frame is exceptionally sturdy, can be raised or lowered, to within 15 inches of the floor and is equipped with special handles to aid the patient when getting in and out of bed. The bed frame can both expand in width and extend in length. These features provide greater patient comfort. 

Alan Williams with the bed scales

The bed was supplied with a special set of ‘shoes’ which can be placed under the wheels of the bed and then connected to electronic scales which allow the patient to be weighed whilst on the bed which may be more practical for larger patients who cannot use standard scales.  

Juliet Starkey, General Manager at the Hospital of St Cross, said “this equipment has made a real difference for both the patients and staff at the hospital. Previously we have had to hire in equipment which is not as versatile as this. Having our own bariatric bed means that, together with patient turners and other donations from the Friends, we are well equipped for treating the increasing population of these patients.”