Physiotherapist, Devesh Chohan and Technical Instructor Clare Hannington-Davies.
The angles will be used to measure the range of movement in patients' joints

Members of the physiotherapy team at Out Patients in St Cross are pictured trying out one of three new goniometers donated by the Friends of St Cross. 

Physiotherapist, Devesh Chohan explained “These devices measure the range of movement that patients have in their joints and are used to show patients the amount of change that has taken place over the course of a programme of treatment.” 

Kate Stevenson, Outpatients Physio Team Leader, said “These goniometers are of a higher quality, more durable and easier to read, than the standard ones which they replace. We are most grateful for all of the support that we have received from the Friends who have also provided two treatment couches earlier in the year.” 

Willy Goldschmidt, Communications Lead for the Friends of St Cross, said “This is an example of one of the smaller donations that we have made to help make a difference for the patient experience at St Cross. Last year the total we spent on equipment donations was £64,000 and this year we have already committed £101,471. Over the past 11 years we have spent over £1.1m on equipment and support for projects. Lists of previous year’s donations and stories about those made in recent times can be seen in the News section of the website or on our Facebook page.