The late Ken Chandler recently left a legacy to the Rokeby Lodge with instructions that the Lodge distribute the funds to charitable causes.

Bill Ridley, who has been a member of the Rokeby Lodge for over 50 years and is the longest serving member of the Lodge, presented the Friends with a cheque for £1,000 which the Lodge asked should be added to the Friends Diamond Jubilee Appeal. 

The presentation party included Ken's daughter Elaine who had travelled from Paris to join the group and who said "my father would have been delighted to hear about the Friends Diamond Jubilee Appeal and the project to relocate the Blood Taking Service. I am also very pleased that his legacy is being put to such good use."

Willy Goldschmidt, Vice Chair of the Friends, said “over the years approximately half of the Friends income has come from legacies and it is great to hear of the pleasure that this gift has given to Ken Chandler’s daughter Elaine.”

Photo by George Ballard: Trustees of the Friends receive the cheque from members of the Rokeby Lodge accompanied by the daughter of the bequeathor. Left to Right Kathryn Lawrence, Mike Rigby, Robert Banks (Lodge Almoner), Bernard Haddon, Heather Green, Elaine daughter of Ken Chandler, Bill Ridley, Peter Winnicott and David Blunt.