Thanks to the support of the many holders of the St Cross Saver account, the Friends of St Cross have received another massive donation from Coventry Building Society.

For the past nine years the Society has made an annual donation based on 1% of the savings balances held in the account for the previous 12 months. The cheque this year was for a massive £18,163 taking the total that the Friends have received this way to an amazing £171,725.

Heather Green, Chairperson of the Friends of St Cross, said “We are most grateful for the support we have received from the Coventry over the years. They not only operate the St Cross Saver account but have also helped us with the design and printing of our newsletters. The size of the donation this year is some £911 more than last year which means that the community has given even more support for the hospital and the Charity through the St Cross Saver account. This donation will be placed in the general funds of the Charity so that we can continue to make a difference through donations of equipment which improve the patient experience while we carry on raising money for the Diamond Jubilee Appeal.”

After the cheque presentation, the party was taken on an escorted tour of areas of the hospital where equipment donations from the Friends are in use. Darin Landon, Distribution Director for the Coventry said “It is great to see how well the Friends use the money donated, as a result of the St Cross Saver account, for the benefit of the community. I congratulate them on the success of their Appeal and look forward to seeing the new blood taking unit which I understand will be open in mid December.”

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Photo by Navin Mistry - Representatives of the Coventry present the donation to trustees of the Friends of St Cross and the General Manager of the hospital.

L-R:  Kathryn Lawrence, Juliet Starkey (General Manager of the Hospital of St Cross), Willy Goldschmidt, Heather Green, Tony Hill, Joan Jesson, Gordon Poole, Rebecca Brookes (Product Support Officer at the Coventry), Darin Landon (Distribution Director at the Coventry) and Hina Morjaria (Rugby Branch Manager of the Coventry)