Staff from Mulberry Ward gathered together to thank the Friends of St Cross for a number of donations which will make a real difference to the patient rehabilitation experience on Oak and Mulberry Wards.

The team are pictured in part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Rehabilitation Centre which is at the end of Mulberry ward and has recently been decorated with a mural on the walls which carries through to etchings on the windows which transform the ambience of the area. The mural was funded by the Friends and created by Midlands based artist Lynne Hollingsworth, and brings the outside in with flower designs, beautiful window frostings and even a hidden squirrel affectionately named Lee.  Mulberry's dayroom is now the ideal spot for patients to enjoy arts, reminiscence and afternoon tea with the ward's activity coordinator.

Also shown is the Artie Art cart which visit wards weekly and offers patients something creative and enjoyable to do during a stay in hospital. Activities are for all ages and include painting, embroidery, sketch sets, card games, crosswords and dominoes, given to patients for free to keep and take home. This project is jointly funded at the Hospital of St Cross by the Friends and the UHCW Charity and is just one of many creative enhancements that form the Healing Arts Programme at UHCW, bringing visual and participatory arts to patients and their families.

One of the members of staff is holding a ‘falls tab’ which is a mat which can be placed on seats and alerts staff if a patient, who may be at risk of falling and injuring themself, attempts to get up unaided. The Friends have also supplied similar devices for use in hospital beds. Together with changes in staff procedures these devices have helped reduce the risk of actual falls amongst infirm and elderly patients.

Clare Noden, Ward Manager for Oak Ward said “We are so grateful for all the support we receive from the community through the Friends of St Cross. These gifts make a great difference for both patients, as well as the staff, on the wards.” 

Photo by Eddie White – Staff from Mulberry Ward in the newly decorated Rehab Centre.