The Dermatology Service delivered at the Hospital of St Cross is expanding.

 This is thanks to the enthusiasm of the team and the Trust for delivering more services locally and the support of the Friends of St Cross who have donated two new pieces of equipment.

A special light can be used to shine a bright, focussed light on the area of skin which is to be treated by the team. In addition, a specialist cauterisation tool enables the team to perform a wider range of delicate procedures which involve rapidly sealing small blood vessels in areas being treated.

Juliet Starkey, Group Manager at the Hospital of St Cross, said “we are delighted that a new consultant has recently joined the Dermatology team at UHCW and is keen to expand the delivery of the service offered to patients in the Rugby area. This is greatly assisted by the support we receive from the Friends of St Cross who last year supplied two bariatric treatment plinths for use in this department and the Physiotherapy department which is also based at the Hospital.”

Photo – by Bob Mercer

L-R – Anne Tibbs, Support worker, and Jo McLachlan, Staff Nurse