The  61st ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Friends of the Hospital of St. Cross was held on TUESDAY 28th JUNE 2016 commenced at 6.30pm in the Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby. 

The Agenda of the meeting was as follows. Short comments and links to the presentations have been added to the relevant agenda items - the formal draft minutes of the meeting will be posted here in due course

  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23rd June 2015 - a copy of those minutes can be found in this document
  4. Any matters arising from these minutes - none discussed
  5. Introduction of The Worshipful Mayor of Rugby –  Cllr. Sally Bragg, who gave a short speech
  6. Vote of Thanks to the Mayor
  7. Annual Report and Financial Report for 2015
  8. Vote to be taken on Proposed Changes to the Constitution  (Please see Notes below) - unanimously agreed
  9. Election of President (as nominated below) - unanimously agreed
  10. Election of Vice Presidents (as nominated below) - unanimously agreed
  11. Election of Trustee Board (current members are listed overleaf) - unanimously agreed - click here to see the current Board members
  12. Guest Speaker: Deborah Harris, Specialist Nurse Mental Health, Hospital of St. Cross - click here to view the presentation given
  13. Vote of Thanks to the Speaker
  14. Diamond Jubilee Appeal Update  - click here to view the presentation given
  15. Vote of Thanks from UHCW NHS Trust Representative
  16. Guest Speaker: Juliet Hancox, Chief Operating Officer, Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group  - click here to view the presentation given, more information about Connect Well can be found in this document
  17. Vote of Thanks to the Speaker
  18. Presentation of Awards - A certificate of Life Membership was presented to Rita Holdsworth who has served on the Tea Bar for the past 15 years.
  19. Any Other Business - Willy Goldschmidt presented retiring Chairperson Heather Green with a framed photograph which was taken at the presentation of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service - pictured above with the Mayor of Rugby, Councillor Sally Bragg and Mike Rigby 


  • Only members were eligible to vote
  • A summary of the proposed changes to the Constitution is set out in this document
  • A full copy of the proposed revised Constitution can be obtained by contacting the Charity's office, 01788 663754 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Refreshments were served after the meeting.


and their proposed roles

Mrs Joan Jesson


Mr Willy Goldschmidt

Chairperson and Communications Lead

Mrs June Witcomb


Mr David Roberts


Mr Stan Bird

IT Lead

Mr Anthony Cousins

Governance Review/Book Stall/Roadshows

Mrs Doris Froggatt

Collections Co-Ordinator

Mrs Chrysanda Gilbert

Help Desk Co-ordinator and Roadshow Lead

Mrs Heather Green

Tea Bar Co-ordinator and Roadshows

Mr Richard Green

Purchasing Lead

Miss Kathryn Lawrence

Fund Raising Co-ordination Chairman

Mrs Tracey Lennard

Fund Raising Team Chairperson

Mrs Karen Pearce

Volunteer Liaison Officer

Mr Michael Rigby

Recruitment Officer and Governance Lead

Mr Ramesh Srivastava

Community and Business Liaison Lead



Assistant Secretary

Mr Gordon Poole and

Mr Mike Evans

Assistant Treasurers


The Mayor of Rugby; Mr Anthony Cousins and Mr Michael Rigby