The Friends have donated a second piece of diagnostic equipment costing £5,000 that enables the expansion of a service for patients with some sleeping disorders to be delivered from the Hospital of St Cross.

Specialist Respiratory Physiologist , Trish Matharu explained “The ResMed NOX Medical device is used to detect sleep apnoea, and it’s a lot smaller than earlier models.  This makes it a lot more comfortable for patients who take part in sleep studies at home.  While they sleep in their own bed, the device monitors a patient’s nasal flow, oxygen saturations, and chest movements so that clinicians can determine if they are suffering from sleep apnoea or another condition.  We’re also able to use the machine on patients who’ve already been diagnosed to check how well their treatment is working.  These new machines provide really high-quality data and have improved the way we diagnose and treat our patients.  Because they’re smaller and less intrusive than older devices, they have also improved the experience of patients taking part in sleep studies.”

Consultant Clinical Scientist, Joanna Shakespeare added “Until last year these tests would have been done at University Hospital in Coventry.  Now thanks to this donation we can undertake even more of our sleep diagnostic testing at the Hospital of St Cross so that patients in the local area can be cared for in Rugby rather than needing to travel to Coventry.  We are currently looking to perform up to six studies per week at the Hospital of St Cross.”

“We are very grateful that the Friends of St Cross have helped us to develop this service in Rugby, and would like to express our thanks on behalf of the Respiratory department and our patients.”

Willy Goldschmidt, Vice-Chairman for the Friends said "The Friends are always keen to support initiatives which help to bring services nearer to the patients in Rugby and are delighted to help with this expanding service."


Photo by Leigh Crosby: Willy Goldschmidt and Trish Matharu