The Friends of St Cross have donated a special set of scales for weighing babies attending the Children’s Outpatients Unit at the hospital.

Louise Bashford, Paediatric Allergy Specialist Nurse, said “until we received this gift from the Friends we had to work out a baby’s weight by weighing mother and baby together and then deducting the mother’s weight which is not as quick or simple as using this new equipment. Having an accurate weight of a baby is especially important when prescribing treatments. Over the past year the number of clinics we are holding at the Hospital of St Cross has steadily increased, meaning that fewer patients have to travel to Coventry. We are most grateful for this and the other equipment that the Friends have supplied to help us develop the service.”

Photo by Edddie White L-R:  Sarah Pitts, Allergy Specialist Nurse, Louise Bashford, Paediatric Allergy Specialist Nurse, and Louise Smith, Healthcare Assistant pose with a doll by the new scales.