The Friends of St Cross have recently donated an Oxford Stand Aid for use by patients who have undergone Medical Rehabilitation in Oak Ward and are soon to be discharged home.

This equipment is kept on the ward but is identical to that which is provided, on loan, for use at home. This allows the Occupational Therapy team at St Cross to familiarise patients, and their carers, with the equipment before they go home.


Paula Millard, Therapy Technician on Oak Ward, explained “this equipment is used to transfer patients from a bed to a chair or from a chair to a bed and provides greater mobility and independence than a hoist. Being able to try out the equipment before the patients leave us gives them that bit of extra confidence that makes a real difference to their ongoing rehabilitation.”


Photo  by Eddie White - Priya Murugappan, Physiotherapist, and Kerry Stanton, Occupational Therapist, try out the new equipment.