The nursing and occupational therapy teams at the Hospital of St Cross are seen with one of 5 kit boxes of aids for patients with visual or hearing impairments donated by the Friends. 

The kits were developed and sourced by the Equality and Diversity team in partnership with Patient Experience manager and the Head of Voluntary Services and include magnifying glasses, pocket talkers and plate surrounds and other gadgets which make a real difference for patients in Hoskyn, Mulberry or Oak wards who can be in hospital for prolonged stays and can often feel isolated due to the impairments that they suffer from.

Cheryl Stokes said “These kit boxes for patients with visual or hearing impairments were introduced last year, and have already proved so useful and popular with patients.

“Patients and visitors are always really grateful for any pieces of equipment that make daily activities easier - especially something as simple as the plate guards and audio leaflets.  The kits help them to maintain their dignity when they are in unfamiliar surroundings.  We’d like to thank the Friends of St Cross and their supporters for this kind donation.”

Willy Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Friends said “We are delighted to donate little things, such as these, which we believe make a real difference to the patient experience and help the staff whose care and compassion is so appreciated by the people of Rugby.”


Photo  by Bob Mercer L-R Trish Patel (Occupational Therpaist), Samantha Middleton (Band 5 Nurse), Cheryl Stokes (Clinical Sister) and Samantha Brightman (Health Care Assistant)