The constitution is the governing document of the Charity supported by a number of operational policies and procedures all of which are combined to form THE GOVERNANCE DOCUMENTS.

The operational policies and procedures are the day to day rules by which the Board of Trustees is governed in their management and oversight of the Charity.

The constitution takes precedence over all other papers and outlines the objects of the Charity.

The Governance Documents are reviewed by a standing Governance Review Team reporting to the Board; any amendments to the Constitution require the approval of a General Meeting of the Charity.

The Objects of the Charity as stated in the constitution are:

  1. To promote and maintain, by means of voluntary service, the interest of the public in the work of the Hospital of St. Cross. To recruit voluntary workers for the services provided by the Charity, as defined in the Rules; to enhance the patient experience.
  2. To raise funds for and to provide recreational facilities, comforts, entertainments and other amenities for the patients and staff of the Hospital of St. Cross.
  3. To raise funds, if necessary by means of special appeals, the promotion of social functions and entertainments, and by any other means approved by the Trustee Board, for the provision of items of equipment or other expenditure which, in the opinion of the Trustee Board, are urgently required and which might normally be deemed to be the responsibility of the State but which the NHS will be unable to provide to the Hospital of St. Cross for an indefinite period of time owing to the lack of official funds or because other items of capital expenditure have to be granted a higher degree of priority.

The full constitution is contained in this document.