The Charity and the UHCW Trust have developed a handbook for volunteers as a guide to the policies of both organisations.

This document is a summary of the Mandatory Training Course that is delivered to Volunteers working in the Hospital of St Cross.

All volunteers are required to attend a course within the first 12 months of them becoming a volunteer.  To find out when the next training course is available please call the office on 01788 663736.

Click here to view the handbook.



The handbook and training refer to a number of UHCW Trust policies - copies of which can be viewed on the following links.

Adult Safeguarding Policy


Child Protection Policy


Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy


Dignity at Work Policy


Equality Diversity and Human Rights Policy


Fire Policy


Health and Safety Policy


Information Governance Policy


Raising Concerns Policy


Social Media Policy


Visitors Policy - note only Trustees may request permission for visits from people other than friends or relatives of patients. 


 Please note that the all these documents must be treated as confidential and so must not be shared with any one other than members of the Charity.