The Bluebell Lounge, opened on 23rd May 2014 to celebrate national Dementia Awareness Week, has been designed for patients with confusion and/or dementia, their relatives, carers and accompanying staff members to come and take time out.

Sometimes patients with confusion or dementia need time away from busy ward areas during their hospital stay, and the Bluebell Lounge will provide a serene haven for them.

Look here at our Facebook Album of photographs of the opening event and the room before and after its conversion.

Specialist Nurse in Mental Health, Debbie Harris has many years of experience working in mental health, care homes and caring for those with dementia. She said: “People who are confused find it difficult to settle whilst they are in hospital because everything seems so strange to them. I identified the need for a room like the Bluebell Lounge so that patients could have time away from clinical areas and this room is an ideal place as it has been designed to represent a family sitting room with many comforts of home.

“We have a policy of open visiting for patients who are confused and relatives and carers are encouraged to make use of this facility if they feel their loved one would benefit from it. The Bluebell Lounge has also been identified as an area for occupation and stimulation in an aim to relieve boredom and frustration for this group of patients.”

Chief Operating Officer, David Eltringham is a Dementia Friend and Chief Operating Officer for UHCW NHS Trust and opened the Bluebell Lounge today. He said: “I am pleased that this room has been designed and developed to benefit our patients who come to the Hospital of St Cross. A lot of hard work has gone into creating this lounge to ensure patients with confusion or dementia have a better experience at our hospital. The opening of the Bluebell Lounge is another commitment by the Trust to raise the standards of care for those with dementia and confusion so to ensure all patients are treated with dignity and respect.”

This room has been funded with the help from the UHCW NHS Trust and the Friends of the Hospital of St Cross.

Joan Jesson, President of the Friends of the Hospital of St Cross said: “The Friends of the Hospital of St Cross have had a long and happy relationship with the hospital, and our involvement with the Bluebell Lounge is another example of how our charitable donations are being used across the site for the benefit of patients in Rugby.”

Sainsburys in Dunchurch Road, Rugby have also kindly donated a combined TV and DVD player for the lounge and provided a cake to celebrate the opening.