The Friends continue to support St Cross while appealing for the Diamond Jubilee Appeal and have recently donated 3 sets of surgical instruments one set of which is pictured being examined by some of the theatre staff.

No these are not salad forks! They are specialist instruments, called Cobbs Elevators, used in orthopaedic and spinal surgery for separating bone from tissue in operations such as hip or knee replacements!   

Juliet Starkey, Group Manager - Hospital of St Cross said 'This donation will help  support additional procedures, requiring this equipment, to be  undertaken in the theatres in which UHCW recently invested £200,000 to install  an ultra clean ventilation canopy (UCV).  The theatre upgrade has meant that the breadth of operations that this theatre will be able to provide is increased and the donation from the Friends will help us increase the number of patients that use this facility. Currently, we undertake over 60% of all elective surgery of this type for patients from Rugby and Coventry - yes patients from Coventry come to Rugby for hip and knee replacements and many of them ask to come here for any additional treatments they require!"