The Friends of St Cross has received another fantastic donation from Coventry Building Society, thanks to the support and generosity of its members.

This is the twelfth donation which the Society has made to the charity and is based on 1% of the average savings balances held in their accounts which support the Friends of St Cross over a 12 month period. The cheque this year was for a massive £25,583 taking the grand total to date to an amazing £241,876!

Willy Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Friends of St Cross, said “We are most grateful for the support we have received from Coventry Building Society over the years. This year’s donation is the second highest we have ever received from the Society and is an increase of £1,674 on last year’s donation. We’d like to thank the Society – particularly staff from the Rugby branch – and its members for their tremendous support.”

“This donation will help buy additional equipment that will improve the care provided to patients. In 2018, we spent approximately £230,000 on equipment and projects some of which helped to bring two new services to St Cross – namely the Complex Sleep Studies Unit and a Hysteroscopy Service. Of course, we could not do this without the tremendous support we receive from the community in and around Rugby.”

Darin Landon, Distribution Director at the Society, said “We care about our local communities, so it’s fantastic that with the help of our members, we’re able to support the important work of the Friends of St Cross”.


Photo by Navin Mistry - Representatives of Coventry Building Society present the donation to Trustees of the Friends of St Cross who were accompanied by Juliet Starkey, Group Manager St Cross and Trauma and Orthopaedic Services at UHCW NHS Trust.