Outpatient Hysteroscopy examinations are now being provided in Rugby thanks to an equipment donation from the Friends of St Cross.

The specialist gynaecology clinic commenced in November 2018 on a fortnightly basis from the Owen Building at St Cross with a plan for further expansion.

Kara Marshall, Group Director of Operations for Women & Children’s Services at UHCW, said: “We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients using the new service, highlighting the excellent team and comfortable environment. A new examination couch which the Friends donated, alongside the diagnostic equipment, is also being used for other outpatient gynaecology clinics at St Cross and has made a significant difference to the comfort of many patients.”

One of the first patients referred to the service commented: “I was so scared when I entered the room for the test but the doctor and the staff members were so friendly and helpful it made it so much easier for me. Thank you for everyone involved with my test. I am glad I was one of the first to use the equipment in this hospital!”

Willy Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Friends of St Cross, said: “The Friends have welcomed the opportunity to help in the expansion of Women and Children’s services at St Cross. In recent years we have donated approximately £150,000 in equipment and support for projects which have helped to make the Children’s Outpatients unit more child friendly as well as establishing the FOCUS service in Urogynaecology and bringing this Hysteroscopy service to St Cross.”

Photo in the Treatment Room at the Owen Building, Hospital of St Cross.

From Left to Right: Kara Marshall – Group Director of Operations, Women & Children’s, Pandora Blair – Healthcare Assistant, Michelle Lewis – Staff Nurse, Dr M Maitra – Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist/ Lead for Hysteroscopy. Claire Dobson – Clinic Nurse Manager. James Wall – Karl Storz Representative