The Friends of St Cross have received another fantastic donation from Coventry Building Society, thanks to the support and generosity of its members.

This is the fourteenth donation that the Society has made to the charity and is based on 1% of the average savings balances held in Supporters accounts which support the Friends of St Cross over a 12 month period. The cheque this year was for a massive £22,828, taking the grand total to date, to an amazing £289,374!

Willy Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Friends of St Cross, said “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on our regular fundraising income and so the annual donation made possible by  the community’s investment in the Supporters Account is all the more important, enabling the Charity to continue to make a real difference to the experience of patients. Furthermore, it has helped support the expansion of services offered at the hospital as well as Rugby’s community health services.

At our AGM in September, we announced that we have committed £200,000 to the creation of a Chemotherapy Services unit at the Hospital of St Cross. This will be of great benefit to local patients who will no longer need to travel to Coventry. It will also provide much-needed expanded capacity for the Trust, as the number of patients who suffer from cancer is increasing and more treatment options are becoming available. This is the largest single donation that the Charity has made in the 65 years since its foundation.”

Sonia Wood-Williams, Rugby Branch Manager at Coventry Building Society, said: “It’s great that we can continue to support the Friends of St Cross with the help of our members. The past year has been difficult for the Friends to fundraise but their work in the local community is more vital than ever.”

Photo:  Willy Goldschmidt, Chairman of The Friends collected a cheque from the Coventry Building Society.