A leg press provides extra support for strengthening patient legs.

 Patients will benefit from having an option of greater resistance for strengthening. Until now there has been no weight greater than 25kg. The leg press can push patients up to 126kg. This enables patients to become stronger with greater power improving outcomes and resulting in a better and faster recovery.

Many of the patients are post-surgical. With this machine the team can ensure the patients get stronger than before resulting in improved outcomes for surgery.

Physiotherapists will be able to measure power of the legs to a greater degree and will be able to design more challenging workouts to help patients recover. It can also be used in the exercise classes by adding an additional station.

The Friends also donate a hand-held dynamomete, which will enable physiotherapists to objectively measure a patients strength for any body part. There will be no subjectivity regarding how strong a patient is but there strength will be quantifiable. As a result this will mean physiotherapists can tailor more efficient exercise programs for patients optimising recovery. It will also provide valuable motivation for patients as they can see their strength improving accurately as they go through physiotherapy. 

The team of 14 physiotherapists and 2 technical instructors estimates that the leg press will benefit some 5400 patients every year!

The hand-held dynamomete may potentially be used with every single patient potentially helping 18,000 patients yearly.