A wall facing the Hoskyn ward has been transformed into colourful murals to help patient rehabilitation and staff wellbeing.

Hoskyn Mural 1Hoskyn Mural 2Two murals were painted by local artists Jessica Hartshorn and Darren Awang. 

Jessica focussed her design on Caldecott Park, incorporating the bandstand, trees, flowers and the
trumpeting statue with a range of patterns and vibrant colour.

Darren focussed on familiar buildings and streets in and around the Rugby area and town centre.

Doug Jones, Chair of the Friends of St Cross, said: “It was a pleasure to help brighten up and bring colour to this area of the hospital and to know that it brings vibrant outlook that benefits staff, patients and visitors.”

The view from two bays of the ward, prior to the completion of the mural, was of a wall overgrown with weeds

The case set out in the request for this donation said “These two bays are predominantly used for a cohort patients which can include patients with dementia. Having a focal point for patients to view will give them a talking point and enable patients to have a calm area to view that is not weather dependent. This can also be used for patients who may be wandering around the ward who need a distraction or a focus to talk about. The mural is another demonstration of the continuing mission of the Friends of St Cross to work in partnership with the Hospital to improve the patient experience.