Thirty six bedside chairs have been delivered to several wards at St Cross.

The chairs have different length legs to suit patients of different heights which improve patient comfort and reduces the risk of pressure sores. The low height chair will allow shorter patients to sit with their feet on the ground and the higher chair will better support the legs of taller patients.

Staff Nurse Jeanette Patlow and Activities Co-ordinator Leonora Brown are pictured trying out the ‘wrong chairs’ for their heights to demonstrate the effect a small difference in leg length can have on patients. 

This donation was made possible through the fundraising efforts, reported earlier in the year, of the Ladies Section of Rugby Golf Club whose Captain, Caroline Brown, selected the Friends as her Charity of the Year last year. On presenting a cheque for £2,100, Caroline said “Charity begins at Home and the majority of the members at RGC are local people who will benefit from the services provided by St.Cross Hospital. It was, and still is a cornerstone of our community which needs the support of local people.”