The Friends receiving a large cheque
The friends receive £17,252 from The Coventry

Thanks to the support and generosity of the many holders of the St Cross Saver Account the Friends of St Cross have received another massive donation from the Coventry Building Society.  

For the past eight years the Coventry has annually donated a sum equal to 1% of the average balance value of the total held in St Cross Saver accounts and the cheque this year was for a massive £17,252 taking the total that the Friends have received this way to an amazing £153,562.  

Heather Green, Chairperson of the Friends, said “We are most grateful for the support we have received from the Coventry over the years. They not only offer the St Cross Saver account but have also helped us with the design and printing of our newsletters and raffle tickets. The size of the donation this year is some £2,141 more than last year which was a most pleasant surprise given the hard times that the country has been going through. This donation will be placed in the general funds of the Charity so that we can continue to make a difference through donations of equipment which improve the patient experience while we carry on raising money for the Diamond Jubilee Appeal.