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The Gift List for 2019 is set out in this table - click on the links to find out more

Gift list for 2019
Ward/department Item Cost
Gynaecology Hysteroscopy treatment equipment (10 sets) 52,000.00
Opthalmology Camera equipment for cataract service 15,131.20
All wards Wheelchairs (shared with UHCW charity) 10,000.00
Orthopaedic surgery Carpal tunnel treatment equipment 9,452.34
Outpatients - X ray Patient emergency trolleys & mattresses (2) 6,467.00
All in-patient wards Toilet alarms 5,387.74
Outpatients Plaster saw 5,163.60
Cardiology Cardiac rehabilitation equipment 5,054.00
Cardiology Cardiac rehabilitation patient passports 4,680.00
Diabetes department Television & related equipment 1,550.00
Oak, Mulberry, Cedar wards Bedside blood sampler 1,174.21
Oak Ward Pressure relieving wedges 1,044.00
All wards Rugby Hospital Radio (annual donation) 1,000.00
Cedar ward Orthopaedic cushions 839.40
Dermatology Status analyser 615.99
Ash Dialysis Unit 2 televisions & stands 553.98
Ash Dialysis Unit 2 wooden armchairs 332.00
Ash Dialysis Unit Bingo prizes 200.00
Multi faith prayer room Re-decorating 164.02
Ash Dialysis Unit Christmas party 153.50
Day surgery help desk Stacking armchairs 134.52
Mulberry ward Hairdryers 23.98
  Total 121,121.48