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Item(s) Purchased

Ward /Department


Patient Trolleys

All Wards


6 Beds Sensors

TABS professional - Falls Monitors

Waiting Room Chairs

Ash Ward



Cardiac Rehab


Parallel Bars

6 Bedside Chairs

Cedar Ward


Graphics Decoration and Murals

Day Unit Mulberry/Oak wards


Pop up Tea Room

Dementia Patients


2 Bariatric Couches



Mobile surgical light

Portable Height Stadiometer

Dietetics Dept


Leaflet stand

Foyer Rainsbrook Wing


Items for Artie Art Cart Activity Trolley

Healing Arts Programme


Activities Trolley

Video Camera and capture system



Hover Mattress

Orchard Centre


Epilepsy Sensors and Receiving monitors

Orchard Centre - Children's Nursing


Portable Stadiometer

Outpatients (Children’s)


Baby Changer

Volk Lens and Tonometer Prisms

Outpatients (Eye unit)





2 Portering Chairs



4 Specialist Chairs

Rehab Therapy


Sleep Apnoea Diagnostic Unit

Respiratory/Sleep Dept


Annual Grant

Rugby Hospital Radio


Sub Total




Jubilee Project

Conversion of “old Mulberry Ward” to the Friends Blood Taking Unit


4 Phlebotomy Chairs

Phlebotomy Equipment


6 Phlebotomy Trolleys

8 x Waiting Area 2 seat beam Seats

Air Conditioning System

Art Work

Baby Changer



Corner Storage Units

Electric 3 section plinth couch

Notice Boards

Plaque for Phlebotomy

Privacy Screens

Window Blinds

Total for Jubilee Project




Total expenditure in the year