Leaving a gift to a charity in your will is an amazing way for your generosity to last beyond your lifetime!

Whilst the government provides the bulk of the funding required to run the NHS, donations of equipment from The Friends help to enhance the patient experience at St Cross and in the community. These ensure that your loved ones and friends have access to a wider range of treatments without having to travel too far from home.

Although we undertake a variety of fundraising activities the bulk of our funds have historically come from legacies made by generous donors who wish to express their gratitude to the NHS services provided in Rugby.

A legacy to The Friends provides a very important source of income. It may also benefit the estate by bringing the total estate below the Inheritance Tax threshold, as gifts to charities, and other allowances, are deducted from the from the total value of an estate before tax is calculated.

It is recommended that you consult a solicitor when making a will in order that you can be properly advised as to how to reflect your wishes for how your estate should be disposed of when you pass on.