Thank you for being interested in fundraising. The Charity could not continue to donate equipment and run projects which improve patient's experience in Rugby without the support of our fundraisers and donors.

There are many ways in which you can raise funds together with your friends, family or work colleagues and we have put together some ideas and general advice on keeping your fundraising safe and legal.

We hope that you will find this guidance helpful when you start to plan your event.

Please note it is not intended to cover all circumstances so if in doubt seek further information from any relevant authorities.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your fundraising event.

  • Try to keep things simple as it usually saves a great deal of time overall and often makes the most money as costs can be kept under control.
  • Make a plan at the beginning outlining who has responsibility for each stage of the fundraising event.  Include timescales so that everyone has a target date to complete their various tasks.
  • Enquire if you or someone you know works for a company which offers to match funds raised through their Community Social Resposnibility Policy (or similar). The policy may have guidelines on what type of event they will support and rules as to who can apply.
  • If possible check forthcoming event calendars so that your event does not clash with other local or nationwide charity events.
  • Set yourself a realistic target – it is far better to exceed your aims than to become de-motivated because you were over ambitious.
  • Make sure you set a budget to ensure your costs are covered and decide whether you are going to meet these or plan to deduct them from the takings and make it clear to your supporters whether you will be donating all the takings or the net proceeds to the Charity