It is amazing how many different ways our supporters choose to raise funds for The Friends!

Here are just a few!

  •    Holding quizzes, tea parties, coffee mornings, golf days or other social events - Click here to see details of some forthcoming events.
  •    Doing any type of sponsored activity such as runs, swims or daredevil challenges
  •    Nominating us as your club or company ‘charity of the year’ - many companies offer matching funds as part of their Community / Social Responsiblity Policy
  •    Donating prizes for raffles and auctions
  •    more ideas can be found in our Fundraising Guidelines

We have a dedicated fundraising team which hold a series of social events throughout the year. These are designed to be of interest to wide range of tastes from all walks of life - we see some regulars but just as many different people have come to these events over the years - we especially love to see volunteers and staff from the hospital coming along and enjoying themselves in a social setting.

We also sell second hand books at various locations in the hospital.  There is no fixed price for books - we respectfully ask for a minimum donation of 50p.  Donations to supplement our stock are also welcomed at the Help Desk in Out Patients. Click here for more information.